Young, Fresh, Greedy and Committed.

put pleasure before prestige

Our packaging is carefully chosen to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Bottle, cap, label, we choose trusted partners who are committed to the same approach as us.

a history of sharing

Originally, we are simply lovers of wine, vineyards and good things. We are now convinced that when you open a bottle of wine, what makes it good is not its name, its origin or what is written on the label, but the work of nature and the winemaker. We want to desacralise wine and put pleasure before prestige! With this idea in mind, we decided to launch the YVAN & CO adventure with the sole objective of offering wines that resemble us: young, fresh and gourmet!


Passion is the very origin of YVAN & CO. This passion for wine, for the vine and for good things is what we want to transmit through YVAN & CO. But for us, this passion must be shared with as many people as possible, which is why we want to desacralise wine and make it accessible to everyone.

Our objective today is to put forward the wine, not a name, nor an appellation or a region, but the product. To free ourselves from the barriers and constraints of the appellations in order to be able to offer a unique wine, an original creation thought up by us, for the consumers (use of local grape varieties, exceptional plots of land, special vinification…)

We are proud of what we create, so why hide it?

At Yvan&Co we want to communicate with consumers and share all the information about our wines. From the wine to the packaging, we are convinced that it is necessary today to be precise in our choices and to give them meaning.

Yvan & Co

Wines with a real personality

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Yvan & Co

Le Cazelou.

The Cazelou is a creation in homage to the terroir and to the winegrower, who, no matter how cold, rainy, hot or windy it is, travels through his vineyards all year round. The Cazelou (which comes from the Occitan Cazel) is a reference to the small stone huts located on the vineyards in the south of France, where the winegrowers used to take shelter when the storms came. 


côtes de provence

Our two Dames du Sud, Emma and Ava, grow up on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, on the mythical peninsula of St Tropez. Our vines benefit from a perfect climate for the creation of great rosés. The freshness of the sea brought by the Mediterranean counterbalances the unique warmth and sunshine that our region enjoys.

This perfect harmony between freshness and sunshine brings mild temperatures all year round. Emma and Ava are true rosés from Provence, fresh, fruity, light, perfect to accompany your beautiful summer evenings.